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"The Runnin and Gunnin Tripod" got its beginning in the South Texas brush county over 40 years ago. It´s light way and ease of portability made it an instant success with Texas hunters and beyond. Our mission today, as it was in the beginning is to deliver to our customers a quality product STILL made in Texas that provides years of dependable service and enjoyment. Thank you for visiting our site.

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The finest tripods in the hunting field!

Does feeding protein payoff ??? Judge for yourself.

South Texas Tripods &  Feeders, Inc. Introduces the 400 lb. Capacity Free Choice Protein Feeder with their exclusive perforated feed distribution plate.  This design allows water to drop through the plate without wicking up the funnel spout thereby clogging the feeder.

Over 200 B/C score sheds from a ranch using our protein feeders.

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Introducing the 400 lb. Capacity Free Choice Protein Feeder

Come to our store Call Now (281)288-4422
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